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We are an art tank, an artist collective, a lab,  for creating experiences — The tank’s aim is to transform any idea or concept into an accessible experience. Our goal is to incite dialogue and conversation around how we perceive the world.

“An Idea must be experienced to make it one’s own.”

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Dinner Series

DINNER #3 - AUGUST, 22 2018

During our immersive dinners, welcome people from all perspectives, artists and non-artists, to connect and share a meal together.

Every two months, we open the doors to our studio and gallery to 25 guests, to experience an intimate evening of lovingly all vegetarian family-style meal, dialogue, and perspectives.

Join us for our next dinner on August 22nd, 2018

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Upcoming Exhibit          


SEPTEMBER 13 2018 

Think Make Tank is excited to present: ORIGINS —

Where do we begin? Where does the sentence begin?

We can begin the sentence of our Origin from any point we choose and yet where do we choose to begin our sentence?

How can we better understand what shaped us to better understand that reality is not always as it appears?
How do we deal with the terror of coming into the world and understanding our place in it?

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Recent Event           

PRE-Solstice Celebration

EVENT - JUNE, 20 2018
7PM to 10PM

In preparation of the longest day of the year, we celebrated the Tank's community, its existence, and the people who have come through. We'll also be celebrating the birthdays of two of our own bright shining lights. 

Recent Event          

Sonic Series: 002 — 3 solo performances

EVENTS - MAY 18, 2018 7:30 PM Doors
8:00 PM Music performance 
Donation: $10-$15 (Sliding Scale)

Think Make Tank Artist Collective and 23five present Jason Kahn from Switzerland and Bay Area artists Gabby Fluke-Mogul and Kevin Corcoran in an evening of solo performances followed by a tea exploring the connection between body and instrument.

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