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An art tank of experience, human perception, and awareness.

Our Belief:

We tend to forget that our perspective is only our own. We can only see and hear what we know.  The vision of Think Make Tank is to invite people to question and experience perception: our own and others’.  

We believe that there is a disconnect between us, the gaps are widening. How do we begin to bridge between each other’s worlds? This begins by stepping into each other’s shoes. We want to playfully engage people in alternate perspectives using art and experience as a mode of connection.

Why an art-tank?

We are artists conceptually thinking and making experiences around how we perceive.

As an art-tank it is our mission to find ways of exploring and inhabiting other perspectives. It is only through experience that we can begin to ask the questions that will help us shift our perspective. “An idea must be experienced to become one’s own”. 
Our Values:

Artistic Growth

For an intentional community collaboration is required. 
Collaboration involves hours of conversation, time to develop trust, openness to each other’s ideas, and the will and commitment to actualize them.

Think Make Tank’s process is to transform concepts into experiences that can be accessible, playful, and open.

Executive Members –

Jorge Bachmann
︎ @ruidobello

Jorge is our connector. He links people and ideas - finds references in seemingly unrelated thoughts and opinions. His belief and stories are infectious and his network is strong. As a community builder, he’s passionate about bringing balance to the vision - and various perspectives to the table. His attuned and refined senses are sure to keep us on our toes.

Alex Nichols
︎ @alexhnichols

Alex is our energizer. She makes the impossible happen. Her spark, imagination, and can-do attitude never fail to motivate. As an ingenious collaborator, a maker, she quickly knows how to turn new thoughts into real practices. She instills confidence into ideas and people. Her force and innate sense of fun keeps us going - when there is a will she knows there is a way.

Mushi Wooesong James
︎ @mushiwooesongjames

Mushi is our motivator. He pulls through with focus and perseverance. He’s the steady force of our team, setting the pace for the long-haul. As an idea distiller, he keeps pushing with tenacious belief and commitment. He contains us, effectively honing in on the details to make us more communicable. He’s the peaceful and soothing energy we rely on when things heat up.
Magali Charmot
︎ @mag_cha

Magali is our compass. She creates a path from vision and ideas to reality. Her finely tuned sense of direction enlightens us to never lose the way. As a question surgeon, she makes sure to listen to all perspectives, activating, and actualizing ideas for the team. She’s the trailblazer whose optimism and determination equal her sense of communicability and inclusion.

History –

“An idea must be experienced to become ones own.”

Think Make Tank is an art tank, art lab, artist collective, building concepts and experiences around perception. Alex Nichols founded Think Make Tank in 2016. Mushi Wooseong James joined the Tank at its beginning in (2016) to build the foundation. Later, Jorge Bachman (2017) and Magali Charmot (2018) joined the Tank. Working collaboratively, they as a team, build installations, of sound, image, word, space, asking core questions around how we see.  Instrumental to the Tanks vision and work are (Sound Artist) Kevin Corcoran and (German Artist) Susann Volzer .

Ideas are born in context to their time. When Alex Nichols returned to San Francisco from a residency in Kyoto in 2015, artist studios were being turned into tech offices. She, along with 80 other artists, were evicted from their space in the Mission district.

Artists adapt, they take risks, so for Alex losing her space was the catalyst toward rethinking her practice and the need for portability, collaboration, and intentional community. Recognizing that artists think through making and make through thinking and the critical need for space in San Francisico where an artist can think and make, collaboratively, she began toconceive the idea of a collective. There were Think Tanks everywhere but what about a Make Tank?

In October 2015 a chance meeting on the streets of San Francisco between Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James led to a full time collaboration. In January 2016 Alex and Mushi together founded the Think Make Tank. 

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There is no path laid out, we forge our lives according to our nature and perspective. We use the tools we understand and wield most accurately. Alex knows art process. She believes that, “making, deconstructing, rebuilding, testing, having the eye for random occurrences requires risk and openness to the unknown.  Mushi understands the essay, communicability, structuring ideas.

From these two processes Think Make Tank emerged." The Tank went through many shapes before it understood what it was and was not.

Three primary collaborative projects are  core to formation Think Make tanks vision and values: The Portable Studio with Alex Nichols & Mushi Wooseong James, valuing communication and connection; Q & A with  Alex Nichols & Qinmin Liu valuing the idea of experimentation and “just do it”; and Muttertier with Susann Volzer, building a space for ideas to be developed and tested. All these projects ask questions about identity and our context to the world around us.