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The immersive dinners take place behind the scene in our studio 6 times a year. Each event is an opportunity to explore themes and questions around human perception and awareness.

The delicious food is cooked by the artists themselves who happen to be refined chefs with cooking influence from Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Our dinners, much like our projects, reflect our values and aim to create shared experiences that make us question our perspectives. 


We welcome donations on a sliding scale of $40-$75. As we seek to create intimate experiences, your generous donations
cover the cost of the evening and fuels future immersive ideas and experiences.

Given the intimate nature of each event, we limit seating to 25 spots. Advanced donations are encouraged to secure your seat. Remember, if the next dinner is full, there is always an upcoming one.

Can’t wait to see you!

Upcoming Dinner          

August 22, 2018


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At this performance-dinner, the guests will be the actors. Together, will explore narratives of our origins—the stories we tell ourselves, and those we find reflected back to us.

Reserve your seat today! We will be serving an all vegetarian family-style meal.


Last Dinner          

April 2018


Dinner Series #2 was centered around the theme of Refractions. What happens when light hits glass? it bends. It redirects. It transforms.

What happens when we hit a wall?  

We shift, we change, we find another angle to keep moving.

Participants were encouraged to pick a though-provoking question and share their responses while enjoying new connections.

Past Dinners          

January 2018


Our first dinner was held during our exhibit of Le Corps Poétique. It was such a success that many of you asked for more and we listened. And so... the Tank’s dinner series was launched!

Dinner Series#1 was centered around the theme of Thresholds. We unveiled our installation for the initial set of guests to enter.

How do we move from one space to another?

A threshold is a gateway to an experience. In theatre, we move from the street through a velvet curtain to enter the play. The curtain is a transition from one space to another. Our installation, ‘Thresholds’, explores this concept of gateway to another place.