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History –

“An idea must be experienced to become ones own.”

Ideas are born in context to their time. When Alex got back to San Francisco from a retreat in Kyoto in 2015, artist studios were being turned into tech offices. She, along with 80 other artists, were evicted from their space in the Mission district.

For Alex, losing her space was the catalyst that propelled her toward portability, collaboration, and intentional community. Think Make Tank began to take shape.

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There is no path that is laid out, we forge our lives according to our nature and perspective. We use the tools we understand and wield most accurately. Alex knows art process. She believes that, “making, deconstructing, rebuilding, testing, having the eye for random occurrences requires risk and openness to the unknown.

From this process Think Make Tank emerged." Why, what, when, where, who, how. six simple words but there is no simple answer.

It took time to understand and articulate what the Tank was and was not. During the time that Think Make Tank was emerging—three primary collaborative projects were conceived: The Portable Studio with Mushi Wooseong James; Q & A with Qinmin Liu; and Muttertier with Susann Volzer. Through these projects, Think Make Tank's values were developed. These three projects are important to understanding the evolution that led to Think Make Tank's creation .